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Why Vital Neuro?

The unrelenting pace of today’s demanding life has pushed us into a constant state of threat and stress. We need to give our brains a chance to Shift back into balance in order to maximize our brain function. Vital Neuro gives you control of your emotions, your state of mind, and your happiness.

Choosing a Collection

When you open the Vital Neuro app, you will select a Vital Neuro collection and pick a session—based on how you are feeling, time of day, what you are planning to do in the next few hours, and the state of mind you desire.

The Science

Vital Neuro brings together the best of neuroscience, brain training and music.

Session Instructions

Vital Neuro is Easy to Use

1. Power on & connect headphones
2. Properly position headphones on your head
3. Open Vital Neuro app to choose collection and session
4. Enjoy the Shift

Session Results

At the end of each Vital Neuro session your Scorecard will appear. The dial at the top displays your overall Vital Score, which is a composite of your ‘Time-In-Zone’ score + your ‘Peak Shift’ score. On a scale from 0–20, the Vital Score represents the amount of change, or shift you achieved into your desired state of mind, throughout the session. So, depending on the type of session you choose, your Vital Score will show: depth of Relaxation, or degree of Focus, or full extent of Optimization. You can use this number to track and compare your progress and performance from session to session. And since it is heavily influenced by session length, a longer session will boost your score.

Headphones and Sensors

To operate your Vital Neuro headphones, locate the power button at the bottom of the right (R) ear cup, press and hold for 3 seconds, and listen for the “Power On” confirmation.

You will then hear “Pairing” as the headphones establish a Bluetooth connection with your iPhone/iPad.

Place the headphones on your head, adjust the arms for size and comfort, and properly position the sensor bar. Click read more to watch a video about headphone placement.


How to solve various technical issues, such as: Bluetooth, battery, internet, and sensor connections.

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