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Vital Neuro's breakthrough technology uses EEG-guided brain training to help reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus, and optimize performance—anywhere, anytime.


Vital Neuro sessions combine personalized brainwave analysis with scientifically-designed therapeutic music, sounds, and visuals. They are designed by Neuroscientists and Psychoacoustic Experts with decades of research and clinical experience. Sessions are available on demand in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes.


Our clinical-grade EEG sensors on the headphones (see Figure 1) identify your current brain state to begin the session, then continuously monitor activity in key areas of your brain. This data drives personalized EEG Guided feedback to achieve an actual Shift to your desired state of mind.

Areas of the brain

(Figure 1)

Vital Neuro sessions are arranged into four unique collections, each with a specific goal:


RELAX—Allow your body and mind to experience the ‘relaxation response’ by entering into a deep state of calm and relaxation. Shift from ‘activation' to ‘deactivation' and ‘Fight or Flight’ into ‘Rest, Relax, Restore’ for lowering stress, anxiety, and improving self-regulation, sleep, and resilience.


MEDITATE—Delve deeper into a state of meditation, and begin an exploration of your mind and your deeper states of consciousness. Achieve a greater sense of mastery of your mind, and a perception of general well-being, brighter mood, and a stronger feeling of inner peace.


FOCUS—Achieve open, calm and mindful attention for engagement with sensory information. Get ready to be at task in the moment. Become alert, clear-headed, ready to pay attention, and aware of body sensations and better able to regulate them. Enter a calm-centered state of flow.


OPTIMIZE—Control executive function and movement—your brain’s “management system”. Improve your working memory, planning, organization, reasoning, judgement, impulse control and emotional regulation. Get ready to perform at your best anytime throughout the day.


Every Vital Neuro session delivers three distinct benefit types:


• In-session effects with immediate results

• Halo effects that stay with you throughout the day so you feel more centered and less reactive to daily stress

• Cumulative effects with daily usage that develop new neural pathways, training your brain to Shift on demand into whatever state you need


But all you need to remember is that Vital Neuro is easy:


1) Put on the headphones

2) Select a collection—your desired state of mind

3) Experience Vital Neuro for 5 minutes or more

4) Enjoy the Shift and sense of control

The unrelenting pace of today’s demanding life has pushed us into a constant state of threat and stress. We need to give our brains a chance to Shift back into balance in order to maximize our brain function. Vital Neuro gives you control of your emotions, your state of mind, and your happiness.

Why Vital Neuro?

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