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If the RED Headphone Bluetooth Alert Icon (see Figure 1) appears on the left side of your screen during a session, this means that your headphone has lost the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone/iPad. Follow these steps to reconnect, verify that the RED Alert Icon has disappeared, and continue with the session. These are also the same steps for making a first-time connection:

1. Power on headphones

2. On your device, click Settings > Bluetooth, then make sure Bluetooth is "ON."

3. Under Bluetooth, check the list of "other devices." Locate and select "VN-XXXXXX." The X's indicate your Vital Neuro headphone serial number.

4. A Bluetooth pairing request message may appear on your screen. If so, select "Pair." A confirmation tone will sound on your Vital Neuro headphones when the connection is established, then your Vital Neuro headphones should appear under "My Devices."

5. Open the Vital Neuro app and begin a session.

(Figure 1)

How to solve various technical issues, such as: Bluetooth, battery, internet, and sensor connections.


Note: Once the first connection is made, Bluetooth will automatically reconnect to your device each time the headphones are powered on. If a connection is not established, repeat Steps 1 through 5.


Headphone battery life is approximately 8 hours of use. Make sure to power off your Vital Neuro headphones after each session, otherwise the battery will drain. Recharge frequently via the USB-C charging cable.


Internet Connection

Vital Neuro sessions require a stable connection to the internet. If for any reason this is weak or lost, a RED WiFi/Cellular Data Alert Icon will appear on the left of your screen (see Figure 2). Go to Settings> WiFi on your iPhone/iPad to verify that WiFi/Cellular Data is enabled and re-establish the connection. When the RED Alert Icon disappears, and you can proceed with your session.

Session Interruptions

It is recommended that you select DND (Do Not Disturb) on your iPhone/iPad prior to beginning your Vital session in order to silence that any incoming calls, emails, text messages or other notifications. These will still be stored on your device and can be checked at any time, but your device will not light up or ring. If you are physically interrupted by in the room or at the door, you can click the pause symbol at the bottom of the session Progress Chart on the right. You will have 90 seconds to either resume or exit your session.



If you are not hearing music during your Vital Neuro session, increase the volume on your device.

(Figure 2)

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