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Your Time-in-the-Zone score represents an accumulation during the session, of all the segments where you were above the moving training-goal threshold, where relaxation deepens, focus increases, and executive function is optimized. A score from 2-10 reflects the benefit based on how much of the session was ‘In the Zone’.

At the end of each Vital Neuro session your Scorecard will appear. The dial at the top displays your overall Vital Score, which is a composite of your ‘Time-In-Zone’ score + your ‘Peak Shift’ score. On a scale from 0–20, the Vital Score represents the amount of change, or shift you achieved into your desired state of mind, throughout the session. So, depending on the type of session you choose, your Vital Score will show: depth of Relaxation, or degree of Focus, or full extent of Optimization. You can use this number to track and compare your progress and performance from session to session. And since it is heavily influenced by session length, a longer session will boost your score.

Session Results

On average, people are in the Zone for 5-7 min. during a 10-minute session, 8-10 min. for a 15-minute session, and so forth. 

In Vital Neuro sample groups, we have observed that a 10-min. daily session has led to reduced stress, improved mood, and better sleep.

Peak Shift is a strong indicator of your brain’s training effort—the most significant, or foremost change from your beginning baseline, to the level you achieved during your session. Every shift in the session is measured, to identify the furthest push you made beyond your session average. 

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