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How can we help? 

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, want to start your day with relaxation, or need a peaceful break during the day to reset and restore, you’ll find sessions in the RELAX collection to help you achieve:


•        Deep relaxation & meditation

•        Stress reduction

•        Self-regulation

•        Fight or Flight deactivation

•        Improved sleep

•        Resilience


To practice one of the daily habits shared by over three quarters of the world's most successful people, engage in sessions from the MEDITATE collection to help you:


•        Deepen your state of conciousness

•        Explore your mind

•        Feel a perception of well-being

•        Brighten your mood

•        Achieve a greater sense of mind mastery

•        Have a stronger feeling of inner peace


When you're feeling distracted or want to concentrate and focus, you’ll find sessions in the FOCUS collection to help you become:


•        Alert

•        Ready to pay attention

•        Aware of and able to regulate body sensations

•        Clear headed

•        Calm centered


And sessions from the OPTIMIZE collection will help you feel primed for interactions, meetings, presentations, sports, workouts, activities, and artistic expression:


•        Executive function

•        Working memory

•        Planning & organization

•        Reasoning & judgement

•        Impulse control

•        Emotional regulation


You can make Vital Neuro sessions part of your regular routine, choosing collections for morning, mid-day, afternoon, early evening, nighttime, or going to bed. Also, consider activity-specific choices for when you are working, exercising, travelling, creating, performing, socializing, and relaxing.

When you open the Vital Neuro app, you will select a Vital Neuro collection and pick a session—based on how you are feeling, time of day, what you are planning to do in the next few hours, and the state of mind you desire.

Choosing a Collection

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