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The Vital Score component (see Figure 2) is the accumulation of change measured toward achieving your desired state of mind throughout your session. Depending on the type of session you choose, your Vital Score will give you: The total depth of Relaxation. The total degree of Focus. The full extent of Optimization.  

Next is your In-Zone, or training time (see Figure 3). This represents how much of the session was spent above the moving threshold — the moment-to-moment training goal. Being in the zone indicates: deeper Relaxation, increased Focus, or Optimized cognition and executive function. On average, people are in the Zone for 5-7 minutes during a 10-min. session, 8-10 minutes for a 15-min. session, and so forth. In Vital Neuro sample groups, we have observed that a 10-min. daily session has led to reduced stress, improved mood, and better sleep.  

The final key metric in calculating the Achievement Score is Depth of Shift (see Figure 4), which is the degree of change from start to end of a session. This score is session-specific, meaning you enter each session in a different state of mind — the mood you are in, time of day, circumstances of the moment, life events, quality of sleep, relaxed, excited, or stressed. That is why Vital takes a new starting baseline every time. On a scale from 1-5, Depth of Shift can be shallow or profound. It is a powerful indicator of the magnitude or total impact of your session.  

You will also want to look at the most significant, or Peak Shift (see Figure 5), from your baseline to the level you achieved during your session. Vital measures every shift in a session to identify the furthest push you made beyond your session average. It’s like the fastest lap in a race; or what got the loudest applause from the stage.  

Similarly, the Longest Shift (see Figure 6) measures your best ability to maintain the shifts into the desired state you achieve during a session. It’s the longest period you could stay above the moving training threshold, i.e., the longest time in the green zone. Every shift is beneficial, and even a shallow one becomes more powerful the longer it sustains.  

Perhaps the greatest benefit of consistently using Vital Neuro is that it rewires your brain. The long-term cumulative effect of repeated sessions is the formation of new neuropathways—positive patterns putting you in control of your mental well-being and happiness.   You can now conclude your training for the day, explore other selections, or come back later. Make Vital Neuro brain training a daily habit, with multiple sessions to experience maximum results.

The Science

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