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Start with the Headphones

Begin your session by turning on your Vital Neuro headphones. Locate the power button at the bottom of the right (R) ear cup. Press and hold for 3 seconds. Adjust the headband for size and comfort. Position it top and center of your head, between the middle of your ears—not too far forward, not too far back.   

Notice the brain monitoring sensors on the headband. Make sure the sensor prongs are touching the scalp, parting hair if necessary to make contact, and moving hair around your ears so the headphone ear cup sensors make contact with the skin in front of your ears. Do not move the headband or ear cups after this step, as it may decrease sensor connection. Note that tensing your facial muscles or excessive eye motion can interfere with the EEG signal; try to remain still for best results.  


Make sure your iPhone/iPad has a stable connection to the internet via WiFi/Cellular Data before you begin. Verify that Bluetooth is ON and your headphones are connected. This should happen automatically once the initial connection is made. (For further instructions Go to: Help> Troubleshooting> Bluetooth).  

Open the App and Choose Desired Brain Training 

Click on the Vital Neuro app. You will be offered several collection options. Each one contains similar brain training sessions designed to achieve a specific outcome: RELAX, FOCUS, or OPTIMIZE. (Find detailed descriptions at: Help> Choosing a Collection).  

Identify your desired state of mind and select that collection, then choose a session. These vary in music style, with lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes to suit your listening and time preferences. And remember, the more frequently you train the more benefits you will enjoy!  

Begin Your Session

Tap the session name. Remain still, take several deep breaths, and enjoy the music while Vital Neuro establishes your baseline EEG. This is the current state of your brain activity for the targeted training area. Your EEG is monitored in real time throughout the session, allowing Vital Neuro to personalize and optimize your brain training in real time. You can observe your brain activity in the Session Details display, bottom left of the screen (see Figure 1).   

If for any reason WiFi/Cellular Data is unstable, a RED Alert Icon will appear on the left of the screen above the Session Details display (see Figure 2). The icon will disappear when connection is restored.   

Similarly with Bluetooth, if the headphone connection is lost, another RED Alert Icon will appear (see Figure 3). The icon will disappear when connection is restored. 

Enjoy the Shift

Track your training and every Shift into your targeted zone in the Progress Display on the right side of the screen (see Figure 5).    

Being in and out of the target zone during your session is normal. You'll know when you are "in the zone," if there is an audible reward tone, the indicators inside the target diagram are GREEN, and the background video feedback is in motion. When you're "out of the zone," there is no reward tone, indicators are RED, and the background video feedback is paused (see Figure 6).You can also view session milestones and "Time in Zone," as it accumulates.    

Vital Neuro begins to track the duration of each instance that your brain experiences a Shift into the zone. You’ll see your interval time periodically appear in the upper left corner (see Figure 7), with the number of seconds or minutes next to the plus-sign indicator.   

The core of Vital Neuro's EEG Guided training is exercising your brain by making it work to get into the zone, then rewarding it for success. An automatic threshold determines the level of effort, from easy to difficult, for achieving the target zone. It is initially set per the EEG baseline established at the start of each session, then adjusts up or down throughout the session according to your real time brain performance. Thresholds are set to specific EEG parameters Vital Neuro established for training in each mental state (RELAX, FOCUS and OPTIMIZE).   

Observe how Vital Neuro meets you where you are at the start of each session, then guides you with a personalized level of challenge (see Figure 8), to the Shift you want.   

Tap the pause button if your session is interrupted for any reason (see Figure 9). You will have 90 seconds to either resume, or end the session and return and restart later.   

Keep your eyes open during FOCUS and OPTIMIZE sessions to take advantage of both the audio and visual feedback. Eyes closed is recommended for RELAX selections.  

Inside Your Head

EEG Guided training sessions from the RELAX collection make use of back sensor placement (see Figure 10) and Shift your brain out of Fight, Flight, Freeze into Rest, Relax, Restore.    

Thoughts may come and go during your session. Continually redirect your attention to your internal state where the music, sounds, and visuals help you identify exactly when your brain enters the target zone. You should feel more centered and less reactive to daily stress as the effects of each Vital Neuro session are immediate, stay with you throughout the day, and are cumulative over time.  Sessions from the FOCUS collection use center sensor placement (see Figure 11) and Shift your brain into a more clear and calm state.    

Allow your conscious mind to experience how centered and calmly focused you are. If thoughts other than what is related to your present calm state surface, let the audio-visual feedback gently redirect your focus to help your brain enter the FOCUS target zone.  The OPTIMIZE collection utilizes front sensor placement (see Figure 12) to create a Shift into the OPTIMIZE target brain area. This allows you to clear your head and get into a more activated and efficient state.   

Naturally, thoughts may come and go during a session. Just redirect your attention to your peak state and let the music, sounds, and visual feedback Shift you back into the target zone. This will help you recognize exactly when your brain locks into to this high energy state, allowing you to be your best.

The Science

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