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To operate your Vital Neuro headphones, locate the power button at the bottom of the right (R) ear cup, press and hold for 3 seconds, and listen for the “Power On” confirmation. You will then hear “Pairing” as the headphones establish a Bluetooth connection with your iPhone/iPad. Place the headphones on your head, adjust the arms for size and comfort, and properly position the sensor bar.  

It is important to position the headband at the top and center of your head, between the middle of your ears—not too far forward, not too far back. 

Notice the 3 brain monitoring sensors on the headband. Make sure the sensor prongs are touching the scalp, parting hair if necessary to make contact. Also, push back any hair that might be around your ears so that the headphone ear-cup sensors make clean contact with the skin in front of your ears. 

Do not move the headband or ear cups after this step, as it may decrease sensor connection. Avoid tensing your facial muscles and excessive eye motion. This can interfere with the EEG signal, so try to remain still for best results.   

And because we all have uniquely-shaped heads, you might initially need to slightly reposition the headphones and sensors in order to get the best possible EEG signal. That specific placement is likely what you will want to use for all future Vital sessions.  

Your Vital headphone battery life is approximately 8 hours, so recharge it frequently using the USB-C charging cable. Make sure to power off after each session to avoid draining the battery.

The Science

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